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In September it’s not impossible to catch 50 Walleye in an hour jigging with a lead head and minnow in the walleye holes at the river. A grand slam (two or three walleye at a time) in your boat is not uncommon! Many walleye have to be released, you will exceed your five walleye possession limit and your 21” slot limit. It is exhilarating when fishing in the crisp fall air surrounded with the breathtaking colours of fall.

In the spring you do just as well catching walleye in the shallow bays. In the summer they seek the cooler deeper waters and feed off the banks and underwater reefs of the lake. You catch them with bottom bouncers, worms, crank baits, and other fish teasers.

You will enjoy eating the fish caught from Amisk Lake’s unpolluted waters. The cold waters produce firm, mouth-watering fish. We are told that Northern from our lake are as good as the Walleye from the warmer waters further south. The best eating size is 1 ½ - 2 pound Walleye and 4-6 pound Northern. There is nothing like fresh fish virtually jumping into the pan for a delicious shore lunch or cooked in the comfort of your cabin for your evening meal. Whether you deep fry, pan fry or wrap the fish in tin foil and bake over an open fire, you will savor every bite. Fresh is best! Want some recipes? Just click the request button and we will send you some fish recipes.

Walleye (Pickerel) Fishing

Northern Pike

For over half a century Amisk Lake has produced trophy sized fish. Lunkers over 20 pounds still latch onto anglers hooks. Amisk Lakes’ record is over 35 pounds. We encourage fishermen to release all big fish (Northern & Walleye) as each trophy fish leaves over a million eggs in the fall and winter spawn. They are great for bragging, but not for eating. If you want a trophy, take a picture, a few measurements and let them go. You can get fiberglass reproductions made to look exactly like the real thing. Recently while crossing the boarder for a sports show, US Customs had to get their fish biologist to come and examine our photo reproduction fish by Hawking Taxidermists. He examined our reproduction very carefully before he was convinced that in fact it was a reproduction. By releasing the trophies you will be doing your part to ensure the fish stocks remain good for generations to come. Take home your limit in the smaller good eating sizes and get a very convincing photo replica of your trophy instead.

We have all the facilities to get you fishing. A marina and bait shop with an excellent stock of fishing tackle, bait, maps, gas, oil, fishing licenses and a walk in freezer. Many of our guests save their filleting knives for Gerry Angell to put a professional razor sharp edge on them (bandage is included). Fillet your fish on our clean, stainless steel filleting table. Well maintained boats and motors of all sizes may be rented. The Marina also contains motor parts and repairs. Boat launching is free. We have marina boat slips for overnight water parking available upon request.

Anyone who would like to fly out fishing in a float plane for a day of fishing on a remote lake can do so! We have boats and motors on three lakes for your use. Wildnest Lake is well known for excellent Walleye and Northern fishing, Errington Lake for its’ abundant lake trout, and Neagle Lake for Northerns.

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Angling licenses are now available online through the government’s website with a credit card, click the link below. If you need any help with your license, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Amisk Lake is in the central zone and the 2016-2017 fishing season is from May 15, 2016 - March 31, 2017, download the 2016 Fishing Guide below.  

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